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Ryan Boatright optimistic about making the Nets

Brooklyn Nets

The Nets have 17 players under contract, 12 fully guaranteed and the five a mishmash of partial and non-guarantees. But Ryan Boatright, the 5'11" guard with the 41" max vertical, tells Rod Boone he's confident he'll be around for training camp.

"I haven't gotten a 'for sure,' but they have been making the moves to tell you that I am here," Boatright told Boone in Las Vegas last week. "But I am going to continue to work, and continue forward and do what I've got to do until I get that guarantee."

Boatright averaged 14.3 points and shot 45.5 percent from the field in Vegas, making 47.8 percent of his attempts beyond the arc and 84.2 percent from the free-throw line before sitting out the final two games with neck spasms. He made an impression.

"We saw enough of Ryan's talents here to understand who he is, and what he is and how we need to improve him," Nets assistant coach Joe Wolf said. With the Nets in need of a third point guard, Boatright is as Lionel Hollins has said a "candidate" for that role.

Boatright's next big date is November 1, If he's on the roster, he will get another $125,000 in guarantees, bringing his total to $200,000.