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A skeptical look at Thomas Robinson

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Sports Illustrated, in grading all the Nets moves in free agency, put the signing for Thomas Robinson a the top of the list, at least in terms of bang for the buck.  Rob Mahoney wrote, "Despite having their hands tied by other salary commitments, the Nets scrounged up a great value for the minimum in Robinson."

Mahoney cited his per 36 minutes numbers with the 76ers: 13.9 points and 13.7 rebounds. He could have also cited Robinson's elite rebounding rate of 18.9 percent as Fred Katz of Bleacher Report did.  But Katz offered up a much more skeptical look at the 6'10" T-Rob suggesting his vets minimum deal with the Nets may be his last chance in the NBA. He offers a number of reasons...

He has always had a reputation of struggling to remember plays...

He doesn't always stay within his supposed role....

He doesn't command double-teams. He's not a passer. He's not a creator. He's not dynamic off the dribble. He doesn't have range beyond six or seven feet.

He's not a threat, and defenses acknowledge that. So, they let him drunkenly steamroll toward the iron. The results often speak for themselves.

Katz thinks the best bet for Robinson, who has played or been the property of the Kings, Rockets, Trailblazers, Nuggets and 76ers, is to" just cut all the complications from his game," limit it to being a more athletic Reggie Evans and put his faith in Lionel Hollins.

Hollins, who has rightfully earned a reputation of developing big men over his decades of coaching, could be the right man for his future development.

If he does that, "the Nets may have got themselves a steal on a minimum deal."