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Mirza Teletovic: Nets wanted me back but I wanted the Suns

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

In a press conference Thursday morning in Bosnia, Mirza Teletovic said he chose the Suns over both the Nets and the Kings because he wanted Phoenix, not because Brooklyn didn't want him.

Igor Marinovic, who writes for NetsDaily on Balkans basketball, tweeted out news from the press conference where he said he will not be playing at FIBA Euope, in part because of Suns concerns for his health.

Teletovic said the Nets offered him a two-year deal, according to Marinovic, who tells ND it was a "one plus one" offer, presumably including a team option. Teletovic did mot provide numbers. Early in free agency, the Nets extended Teletovic a qualifying offer of $4.2 million over one year. The 6'9" sharpshooter signed with Phoenix for one year at $5.5 million.  He said the Suns wide open game suited him better. Teletovic also said the Suns asked him not to play at Eurobasket, which starts in September.

Teletovic played only 40 games last season, going down on January 22 in Los Angeles and not returning until the playoffs. He suffered from blood clots in both lungs, a near fatal condition.  He and the Nets credit Tim Walsh, the team's trainer and Dr. Micheal Farber, team physician, for realizing the seriousness of the condition.