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Lionel Hollins liked what he saw from Nets from "young guys" ... and vets

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

In an interview with the Nets official site, Lionel Hollins said he was happy with "our young guys" in Las Vegas, that they had played better both as individuals and as a team.  He cited the four players under contract ... and added praise for Cliff Alexander, who's unsigned, and his son, Austin, who tweeted Wednesday that he's headed back to France.

"I think things were much better here. The team came together overall from the beginning our young guys started moving forward. I thought that Rondae moved forward. He had a couple of setbacks the last two games here in Vegas but Markel Brown really stepped up and I thought my son, Austin, played consistently through both summer leagues and Will Reed played well and Cliff played well at times....

"I think Ryan Boatright became more comfortable and started playing the way he is capable of playing.."

Hollis-Jefferson himself noted he should have played better at the end, telling the Nets site two days ago that "last couple of games, I kind of slipped up and hit a wall. That's something I can control."

Hollins also praised the seven Nets veterans who flew to Vegas to be with the youngsters.

"The vets coming out and hanging out and being a part of it. Watching some games, playing together and then going out to dinner.  I thought that was really good. That's laying the foundation for how we want to be together going forward."

Hollins leaves in the next couple of days for Johannesburg in South Africa where he will coach Team World in the NBA's first game on the continent, an all-star game between the "Africa" and the "World." The Nets players he noted can go where they want.