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Bargnani hopes for end to injury-riddled years, wants to bring "consistency" to Nets

Christof Koepsel/Getty Images

At the Team Italia media day in Milan, Andrea Bargnani once again expressed his enthusiasm for the Nets, saying, in Italian, "Brooklyn, I can't wait."    On Saturday, Bargnani expressed similar opinions in a Facebook interview with fans.

Bargnani, who's playing in FIBA Europe this summer after a four-year absence, talked mainly about his decision to join the Nets, noting that he wants to forget the last four, injury-riddled seasons and play a full season with the Nets, bringing continuity to his game. He also spoke about his excitement about being reunited with Jarrett Jack, his teammate in Toronto five years ago.

"I've gone through four difficult seasons from a physical standpoint, because I was blocked by injury," the 29-year-old told reporters.  "When I was fine, I always put up my numbers, and now I really want to do with consistency.  These continual injuries were frustrating, but now I'm positive. I want to try to do a full season with the Nets."

Bargnani has played in an an average of 48 games over the last four years as he struggled with various injuries. This past year, he played in only 29 and in an ESPN reports published in the last week, Phil Jackson was quoted as being "annoyed" with Bargnani's inability to fight through those injuries and that he was close to untradeable.  "Would anybody take a chance on Bargnani? I did and got no return whatsoever," Jackson is quoted as saying.

"il Mago," or "the Magician," as he's known in Italy, said he liked what he heard from Billy King and Lionel Hollins about their plans for him and is happy to play with, instead of against, Brook Lopez and Thaddeus Young, but he reserved special excitement about playing again with Jack.  "In Toronto, we were very close," he said, recalling the two years in 2009 and 2010 when the young Bargnani was paired with Jack in the Raptors offense.

"I had moments of frustration, but not now there is no one who has more motivation than me," he added. "I'm looking forward to playing for the Nets, I have already spoken with the coach who explained what is expected of me, the training methods, my role within the team. I'm very confident.. Competition does not scare me, indeed it will be a pleasure to play with Brook Lopez and Thaddeus Young."