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The Shooter looking forward to new start in Brooklyn

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Wayne Ellington is sort of the Nets forgotten free agent pick-up.  He didn't play for the Knicks --like Shane Larkin and Andrea Bargnani (although he was their property in between trades in the summer of 2014). He isn't one of the under-25 set like Larkin, Thomas Robinson, Quincy Miller, Ryan Boatright and who knows, maybe Cliff Alexander.

But he did have as good a season last year as any of them, averaging 10 points and shooting 37 percent from three for the admittedly woeful Lakers, playing shooting guard in place of Kobe Bryant.  He's reliable and has a bargain basement contract $1.5 million or slightly above the vets minimum. It's also a million dollars less than he made with L.A. And he played for Lionel Hollins in Memphis.So he knows what to expect.

"It’s always good in this league to be with somebody you’re familiar with and comfortable with," Ellington told Tim Bontemps. "I think he’ll help me succeed, and we have a good relationship so we’ll be able to continue that, and [hopefully] his confidence in me will be at a point where he’s comfortable with putting me out there and I’ll be able to help this team."

Ellington may have a decent year on the court, it was tough for him off. His father was murdered in Philadelphia and he was called up to help his family deal with the tragedy from almost 3,000 miles away.  Now, like Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, a Chester, PA native, he'll be able to see his family more.

"That’ll be excellent for me," Ellington said this week. "I went through a lot this past year, so being able to be close to my family and friends to be able to support me and come up and catch a lot of games, that’ll be great."