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Lionel Hollins: Nets need third point guard ... and Ryan Boatright is "a candidate"

Brooklyn Nets

Lionel Hollins spoke again Thursday with NBA TV's Rick Kamla and Dennis Scott about the Nets summer league team, but admitted that the team will need a third point guard ... and when Kamla asked if Ryan Boatright is a "candidate,"  the coach said he was and indicated the UConn product will likely be in camp ...

"I think we need to find a third guy. there will be candidates. We just have to make sure that the two guys we have in Shane Larkin and also Jarrett stay healthy. We do have to have a third guy. I'm comfortable with Shane. I'm comfortable with Jarrett. Just want to have some insurance.

"[Boatright] is a candidate. No question about it. He is a candidate. I dont know who else we'll bring to camp. It's competition and you have to earn it. He's played well in summer league and earned the right to come back in training camp. But you never know. We may have to make a trade. Not HAVE to make a trade. We MAY make a trade. Anything is possible that could cause the situation to change."

Hollins added that Boatright is out for the rest of the LVSL with a neck injury.

Asked about his son, Austin, who's shown some three-point skills, Hollins suggested he could wind up in a Nets practice uniform as well.

"I'm happy that he's played well. Maybe some other teams get a chance to see and him maybe --I don't know what decision we're going to make-- but just being here allows everybody to get to see him play."

Brooklyn's coach also offered some thumbnail impressions of two other players who'll be in camp. He likes Willie Reed's improvement, not just this summer, but over the course of several years.

"It's not just from the Orlando Summer League. We had him in training camp last year. I had him in Memphis before (2013). Watching him in Orlando, though, he just continually got better from when I had him before and even just watching him during the year, his offense has gotten better. He really gives you a lot effort on the glass. He tries to be in the right place on defense."

He noted that he talked to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson about the challenge of being an NBA player.

"I think he's played better each game. Last game, he wasn't very good and we talked to him about it this morning. He's got to come with energy and you can't take days off. I mean if you're going to be good, you've got to work every day. He's got a chance to be good and it's matter of just doing it.

The Nets play again Friday night at 8 p.m. ET against the D-League All-Stars.