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Cliff Alexander: Starting from the bottom again

Brooklyn Nets

Cliff Alexander has looked raw in his time with the Nets in Orlando and Las Vegas, but the potential is there.  After all, he was ranked as the No. 1 high school power forward prospect in the country a year ago. (Chris McCullough was ranked No. 3).

So far, he's averaged 8.2 points and seven rebounds in 31.4 minutes in the two summer leagues while shooting 69.4 percent. Is it enough to make him forget the pain of not being drafted on June 25, not even in the second round. Is it enough to get him a spot on the team?  Maybe, Maybe not, but he now has a mission and the confidence to go with it..

"I'm going to show people," he told's Scott Howard-Cooper. "I just have to redeem myself. I've been here before. I've started from the bottom before. I've been the underdog before. I know what it takes to get back on top."

Now that he has his confidence back.

"Yes," Alexander said. "Most definitely."

It's hard to tell if the Nets have room for him. He chose the Nets because he thought he had a good chance to make the team in October, that the Nets didn't have a lot of depth upfront.  That was before they signed Thomas Robinson, also a Kansas product, Willie Reed and Andrea Bargnani.

But 19-year-old prospects are hard to dump.  If he makes the team, he'll be the youngest Net since Derrick Favors. If not, as he said, he's been there before.