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The Lopez Brothers go on the road, or Broadway

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

And now for something completely different ... the Lopez Brothers.  We've decided to capitalize the "B", to treat it as a title, as if it were a movie or more appropriately a Broadway show.

This week was the first time the twins were in front of microphones since they agreed to sign with the two New York teams. If this is the way it's going to be, well, it's going to be an enjoyable season as least for those with an appreciation of comedy, if not basketball.

First, Brook on WFAN's Joe and Evan, as transcribed by Yahoo! Sports and the Brooklyn Game...

Joe Benigno: Did you help recruit your brother to the Knicks?

Brook Lopez: I did help recruit my brother to the Knicks, but as a non-Knicks supporter, I helped recruit him there. I think he’s going to be a detriment to them, absolutely.

Joe Benigno: You’ve always got the better of him in head-to-head matchups, right?

Brook Lopez: Absolutely. I’m kind of the Robin Lopez kryptonite, and there’s a lot of Robin Lopez kryptonite in the world.

Evan Roberts: Will you guys consider living together here in New York City?

Brook Lopez:: I’ve been telling a few people, I think I’m going to go the — I’m going to charge him, first off. Charge him rent, definitely. I’m gonna kinda go the Harry Potter route, like the Dursleys kept Harry Potter under the staircase in the cupboard, something like that.

Evan Roberts: Is there anything Robin Lopez does better than you?

Brook Lopez:: He loses better than I do, I know that. That came to me right away.

Joe Benigno: I’m sure you guys growing up had many one-on-one battles in the backyard, or on the playgrounds.

Brook Lopez:: Ours was in the front yard in the driveway. All the time.

Joe Benigno: Did you ever lose?

Brook Lopez:: I never lost. But I’ll say, I never lost the ones we actually finished, because a lot of the time they just ended in us fighting or someone running in to get Mom and start whining.

Then, Robin was asked at the Knick press conference about the Harry Potter remark.  He was of course ready.

"I think he said under the stairs, a la Harry Potter. It's a very 'Muggle' response," he said, referring to a race of people  who lacks magical powers in the Potter series. "I think he's trying to hinder or suppress whatever mystical abilities I may have. He can't understand them and I don't blame him for that."

The Knicks (!) got into it as well, posting a Vine of Robin talking about Brook's underlying issues. ..

The NBA schedule will be out in about three weeks, we can be sure the twins ---and a lot of us-- will be circling four dates.