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Yormark enlists all 1,900 arena employees in ticket-selling

Barclays Center

Barclays Center has enlisted its 1,900 arena staff in an Employee Referral Program, hoping they will promote season ticket sales for the Nets and Islanders.

With 80 percent of its employees Brooklyn residents, Barclays Center is encouraging staff to serve as sales representatives in their communities by providing referrals for potential ticket buyers for the borough’s two major professional sports teams.

Employees who make a successful referral will be rewarded with cash rewards, said Barry Baum, the arena spokesperson.  They will also be entered into a raffle to win larger prizes including a season ticket package and a cruise. Brett Yormark, CEO of Barclays Center and the Brooklyn Nets, tipped off the initiative Tuesday at Barclays Center with a rally for the employees on the Barclays Center Practice Court.

"Most of our employees are proud Brooklynites who strongly support our teams," said Yormark. "This program vests them in the arena’s success."

The Employee Referral Program comes on the heels of the Brooklyn Nets Neighborhood Day last Wednesday when more than 100 Nets front office employees took to the streets to launch the team’s sales and marketing campaign. The Nets give Brooklyn residents --and residents of the borough's public housing-- top priority in their staffing.  About one-third of the staff are from public housing. Each of them gets training from the Disney Institute.