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Sergey Karasev hopes to be on court in late August, maybe even Eurobasket

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Sergey Karasev remains hopeful that he can return to action in FIBA Europe, but also suggests his rehab from March knee surgery could keep him off the court in any meaningful way until a month before the beginning of NBA training camp.

In an interview with Sportbox Russia, Karasev said late August - early September remains his goal. FIBA Eurobasket starts the first week of September.  If he chooses to play for Team Russia, he says he has the Nets' backing.

Asked when he might return to game form, Karasev responded...according to Google Translate...

"It is difficult to give an accurate forecast. Doctors say it could be the end of August and mid-September. We need to see how the knee reacts to the load. The main thing we are gradually moving towards this goal, and I feel the progress."

And he would not dismiss the possibility of playing for Team Russia. Both he and Knicks free agent Alexey Shved have come under pressure to play.

"At the same time we should not exclude that I have time to recover for Eurobasket. If at that point, the foot will feel normal, Im happy to help the team. Brooklyn also supports this idea, because in the national team I will have a good chance to prove myself."

Depending on how far Team Russia advances --and it is not seen as title contender-- Karasev could be playing close to the opening of NBA training camp on October 1. He remains optimistic that his torn meniscus and dislocated kneecap will heal and he'll be better than ever.

"Here there is a perception that people return  to the floor after injury better than they were before ...both physically and technically. After all, because of the injury I had plenty of time for individual instruction. Previously, this was not even close, so I try to spend this time usefully.."

He's one of two Nets recovering from a knee injury. Chris McCullough, the 6'10" forward the Nets drafted last week said he hoped to be practicing in November, but added that he wouldn't hesitate to delay things further if doctors recommend it.