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Chris McCullough's long road back from a torn ACL

We posted a bit of this earlier in the week when the draftniks were telling everyone the Nets would take Chris McCullough at No. 29. But now that it's happened, this video laying out McCullough's day-to-day rehab at the Hospital for Special Surgery is a lot more relevant.

It looks at the physical, mental and emotional roller coaster of first the injury, then the rehab and the realization that it's not just about him. He has a son, a family. No one is saying how long he'll be out. It's something that will be determined by his progress. quoted him and his agent on the progress...

McCullough said he has spent more than four months rehabilitating the knee. He started running and jumping about three weeks ago. Agent Stephen Pina, who works for ASM Sports, the agency that represents McCullough, said the former SU forward was ahead of schedule in the rehab process and that teams would decide whether to play him this season or shut him down for the year. McCullough said he might be physically ready to play by November.

"If I'm not 100 percent," McCullough said, "I'm not going to rush it."

And among those whose patience and persistence he's read about? Shawn Livingston.

There were other questions about McCullough beyond his knee, about his motor and consistency. The front office --and the fans-- have to hope that this brush with disaster gives him renewed strength, mentally as well as physically.

Alex Raskin in fact tweeted out some notes on McCullough's attitude from a conversation he had with Jim Boeheim, the Syracuse coach.

The video was produced by Grit Media and released last Monday.