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Lionel Hollins on HSS Training Center: "It's going to be amazing"

NetsDaily Video's Dexter Henry takes us on a tour of the HSS Training Center, talking to both Lionel Hollins and Irina Pavlova about progress on the 70,000-square-foot facility that will set Mikhail Prokhorov back $45 million.

Nets management, perhaps wanting to show it's still committed to spending big bucks to the team, took more than a dozen journalists on the tour pointing out progress on everything from the enclosed players parking to the rooftop lounge, part of a two-story player amenity that will be unique in the NBA.

Lionel Hollins pronounced himself impressed. It was his first visit to the site.

"I'm not very visual to where I can see stuff and see what it's going to look like in the future," said the coach. "but i have seen plans. I have seen renderings and I know it's going to be amazing."

Irina Pavlova led the the search for the center site and is in overall charge of the operation. She sees things finally moving.

"I can't really convey it in words," she said, beaming. "I was involved from the start, searching for this space and now seeing it. We had a press conference here a year ago almost to the day and there was nothing here. And now seeing the crane here and the roof going up pretty soon, it's very exciting."

Tony Brasile, the Nets director of operations, said of the players, "This complements Barclays Center. They're excited. Why wouldn't you be?! Little things make these guys happy."

A press release distributed to the press indicated an official opening around the All-Star break in February.

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