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Nets hoping to move into new training center by February


The Nets gave beat writers a tour of their new $45 million HSS Training Center Tuesday, almost a year to the day since they officially announced it.  Although they won't make a training camp deadline for completion --"This is New York," said Irina Pavlova-- the team hopes to move by early February  A press release announced that the team planned on moving in during February and Lionel Hollins nodded when asked if February was a good deadline.  Pavlova said she's hoping "more January-February."

"It's not a big deal," said Hollins, talking about the move from the Nets' long-time practice facility in East Rutherford.  He noted that when he played with the NBA champion Trail Blazers in 1977, the team practiced in four different facilities.  The coach pointed out that with the All-Star Break and two-week "circus trip", there will be plenty of time to pack up and move to the 70,000 square foot waterfront facility in the Industry City section of Brooklyn. In fact, Pavlova said the move could take as little as two days when things are ready ... but there's no need for that.

Lionel Hollins said he's spoken to players about living in Brooklyn, Manhattan or Jersey City, all of which are closer to HSS Center than East Rutherford.

As of now, there's still a lot of work left to be done. While office space looked nearly complete, the rest of the facility, from the rooftop players lounge to the locker rooms to the weight room were works in progress. Rising high above the facility was a construction crane that will ultimately peel off the room, permitting crews to raise the ceiling on the  the hundred-year-old warehouse to a height of 34 feet.

The highlight of the tour were the views from the roof where the Nets will built a lounge for the players, part of a two-story lounge connected by a stairway. The views extend from the Verrazzano Narrows Bridge on the south, past the Statue of Liberty to Lower Manhattan.

It was Hollins first trip to the facility, saying he liked it a lot after the visit.