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Billy King not optimistic Nets can move up in Draft

Brooklyn Nets

Looks like the Nets war room won't be that busy Thursday.

The Nets may come out of Draft Night the same way they went it, with the 29th and 41st picks, Billy King told beat writers Monday. He said he's not optimistic about his chances of getting a higher pick ... although he did hold out some hope.

"Do I think we can move up? I don’t think so, but you still have to go through the process and find out," King said. "A lot of our conversations, the price to move up is high but it tends to go down when you get closer to the draft."

The Nets would like to take a point guard, particularly a big one, and have had interest in Delon Wright, a 6'6" guard out of Utah, and Jerian Grant, a 6'5" guard out of Notre Dame, but in both cases, they seem out of the Nets range, with most mock drafts putting them around 20.  The Nets of course agreed to swap picks this year with Atlanta, part of the 2012 Joe Johnson trade.

As Stefan Bondy has reported, the Nets have dangled Mason Plumlee in discussions to move up, but have yet to find a taker. The Nets also have $2.3 million available to buy a second rounder or two. They have bought picks most years in the King Era.