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Lionel Hollins sends suits out, but not for cleaning

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Lionel Hollins IS a clothes horse, a person who is passionate about clothes, looking good.  His taste in suits impeccable, but he's decided to give some of them away to a worthy cause, the National Suit Drive.

Claire Atkinson in the Post reports...

Growing up, Hollins had no suits in his closet. So when he donated his own 10 fine suits to Men’s Wearhouse, the chain hosting the campaign, it was personal.  The brand is aiming to collect 250,000 items of men’s and women’s gently used professional clothing to help unemployed workers dress sharply and ace job interviews.

"I was fortunate to go to college and make it to the NBA," Hollins said. "I don’t need these suits anymore, but somebody does. I am inspired by the Bible verse, ‘To whom much is given, much more is required.’ "