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Austin Hollins, son of Lionel Hollins, will play for the Nets' Summer League teams

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Summer League is just around the corner -- early July, to be exact -- so teams are starting to fill out their rosters for Las Vegas and Orlando. One interesting note coming out of Brooklyn, who will participate in both Orlando and Las Vegas this Summer, is that head coach Lionel Hollins' son, Austin Hollins, will play on the Nets' Summer League teams in July.

Hollins had a nice career at the University of Minnesota, winning the NIT MVP in 2014. He's an athletic 2-guard who is more known for his defense, which fits the Hollins mold, if you will. In France, playing in the LNB second division, he averaged 8.4 points in 16.9 minutes, shooting 60.7 percent from two and 39.7 from three.  In the division championship game last Saturday, he scored 16 points on 6-of-8 shooting as his club, Denain, lost 61-60 to Antibes. He helped hold Timothe Luwawu, an NBA prospect, scoreless.

As for him being the son of the head coach and getting an invite, this isn't so unusual, as Summer League rosters mostly consist of players who won't play in the NBA, but are auditioning for other opportunities, whether it be in the D League or overseas. And we've seen plenty of nepotism in NBA Summer Leagues -- J.R. Smith's brother played for the Knicks a few times, Ben Wallace's brother would play for the Pistons in the Summer League, as a few examples.

So, could this be Doc Rivers and Austin Rivers part II? Maybe, but not likely, seeing as the Nets' needs are too many and there probably won't be room for a non-drafted rookie on the team this season. But, pretty cool to see him suit up this summer nonetheless.