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Pinoy star may get second chance after injury ends workout

Bobby Parks Jr

If schedules permit, the Nets may bring bring Filipino college star Bobby Ray Parks Jr. for another workout. His first one ended abruptly Wednesday when an errant elbow resulted in seven stitches to his face. According to the Nets director of player personnel Gregg Polinsky, Parks was doing well.

"It’s a shame, you know, for him to be here having the opportunity and start well in his workout but there’s nothing else we could do," said Polinsky of the decision to shut Parks down and stitch him up at the hospital.

Parks, a 6'4" guard, played four years at National University in the Philippines after a stellar career in Memphis, where he teamed with former Nets summer leaguer Adonis Thomas to win the Tennessee state championship. Parks was the 2009 private school player of the year in Tennessee and signed a letter of intent to play with Georgia Tech. But his father, known as the "Michael Jordan of the Philippines" was diagnosed with cancer and his son returned to the Philippines. Bobby Ray Parks Sr. died in 2013 at 51.

Polinsky had nice things to say about Parks, noting that Lionel Hollins was aware of the father-and-son when he coached the Grizzlies.

"I thought today, he played well in this workout. He handled the ball and made some good decisions. He showed he had pretty basketball savvy and those are the things we’re looking for," Polinski said.