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Brooklyn Nets with rings? What are the odds?

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets!  With the NBA championship trophy about to tour the Bay Area, sports books are capitalizing on the publicity to list the odds for next year, ranking each and every team's chances.  But two of the biggest Vegas books differ sharply on the Nets.

Bovada, who has the Cavs as a 3-1 favorite to win it all, has the Nets (and the Knicks and six other teams) at 100-1.  Only Minnesota, Orlando, Charlotte and Philadelphia have greater odds. Woe is New York basketball.

But MyTopSportsBook thinks the Nets have a far better chance than the Knicks. They have the Nets at 50-1 and the Knicks at 500-1, the worst odds of any NBA team. Sounds like they have more faith in the Nets continuity than in Phil Jackson's draft choice.

FYI, the Warriors were 15-1 last June to win it all.