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New DraftExpress Mock Draft shows Nets taking some familiar names

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

We are within 10 days of the 2015 NBA Draft and with that comes tons of new Mock Drafts, smokescreens from General Managers, and sometimes flat out lies by agents and executives in order to heighten their client's and team's leverage heading into draft night.

One thing has remained constant with the Nets during the draft process, though, no one has a clear idea at what they're doing on June 25. Several names have begun to become more associated with the team as the draft draws closer, and two of them are being picked by the Nets in DraftExpress' latest Mock Draft.

DX has the Nets taking Terry Rozier of Louisville at No. 29. Rozier, a speedy guard may not be the facilitator the Nets need, but he can give Brooklyn a spark plug off the bench that can compete at a high level. Rozier scored 17 points per game for the Cardinals this past season, and also worked out for the Nets two weeks back. The 6'2" guard could come in and contribute right away for Brooklyn off the bench and could possibly make Jarrett Jack expendable this off-season.

As for pick 41, Brooklyn is projected to take Christian Wood of UNLV. Wood, only 19, is a raw prospect that has great potential as a stretch four in this league. Wood has a developing jumper—he shot 27% from three-point land this past season—and the length to defend all wings, but needs to put on weight if he wants to bang around down low; he is listed at 216 pounds.

What's interesting about this pick by DX is that Wood was slated to be the Nets pick at 29 in their prior Mock. Maybe Wood fell due to poor workouts or teams are afraid of maturity issues. While the sight of him dropping to No. 41 is a bit alarming, Wood would be a great pick for the Nets and someone who the Nets can develop. Looking at their skill set, Wood may be another Corey Jefferson (the two have a similar skill set, but Wood isn't even 20 yet, Jefferson turns 25 this season),  he is an athlete who can build within a system and give the Nets a long-term asset. Wood also is another body in the front court, whether he plays like Jefferson or not.

For more on Wood, here was some analysis from Chad Ford of ESPN, who saw Wood workout in Las Vegas in front of "a plethora" of GM's.

Wood continues to be an enigma for everyone. He can really shoot the ball and even handle it (he was a 6-2 point guard until a junior-year growth spurt in high school shot him up to 6-9). He's the classic guy who looks very tempting at workouts. That was all evident on Friday.

The issue for Wood is convincing teams he'll work hard in the long run. There have been ongoing concerns about his work ethic and stamina.

Nevertheless, he looked the part of a first-rounder on Friday. His skill set and size are both very intriguing. The question is whether teams will be convinced he can play the part in the NBA.

Billy King is known for taking chances on players with similar issues as Wood, like Andray Blatche and Gerald Green.

Also in draft-related news, two international prospects that were linked to Brooklyn, Timothe Luwawu and George Lucas de Paula, dropped out of the 2015 Draft. They had until 5 PM Monday to decide. Luwawu was reportedly looking for a first round pick.