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How bad the Brooklyn Nets draft pick situation? Here ya go!

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

The Nets didn't give up a first rounder this past season, for two reasons: 1) they didn't do any big trades that would require the inclusion of a pick, and 2) they basically had none left to give.

They were, however, very active in dealing second rounders From Draft Night through June 30, they added five second rounders, three 2014 picks on Draft Night, then two futures in the Jason Kidd trade compensation package five days later.  Then, during the season, they agreed to swap one and trade one, both to Philadelphia, in return for the Sixers taking on players.

Billy King said this week that the Nets won't be dealing any of the team's first rounders, essentially been there, done that.  Because of the Stepien Rule governing the trading of first round picks, the Nets can't trade a pick before 2020, anyway.

It should be noted that although the Nets have only two unfettered second round picks between now and 2021 -- this year's pick and the 2019 pick -- they have a record of buying picks in the second. It is, in fact, part of their draft strategy.  Last year, they bought three, at Nos. 44, 59 and 60, for $1.9 million. This year, they have $2.3 million to play with.

That said, here's where the Nets stand, year-by-year in the Draft, first and second rounders.

2015 - The Nets agreed to swap first rounders as part of the 2012 Joe Johnson trade. So they have the 29th pick and the Hawks the 15th.

Brooklyn also has their own second round pick, having received it back as part of the Kidd compensation package after trading it in 2011.  They traded it to Utah for Mehmet Okur after Brook Lopez went down. The pick then was moved to the Hawks in 2013 and in an odd coincidence wound up with the Bucks on Draft Night last season. At that point, the Bucks knew they were getting Kidd and one has to wonder if Milwaukee, knowing that, acquired the pick so they could give it up.

2016 - The Nets traded their first rounder, unprotected, to Boston as part of the Paul Pierce - Kevin Garnett deal. Those discussions started small with the Nets agreeing to take Pierce for Kris Humphries and the 2016 pick. Talks then expanded to include KG, Jason Terry and pieces, including the 2014 and 2018 picks.

The Nets agreed to swap second rounders in the 2012 Reggie Evans trade.  Clippers have option to swap picks if Clippers pick is between Nos. 31 and 55..  So unless the Clippers finish with one of the top five records next season, the Nets and Clippers will swap picks.

2017 - The Nets agreed to swap first rounders with the Celtics as part of the Pierce - Garnett deal. No protections. Unless the Nets do well in the 2016 free agency --and the Boston rebuild is disappointing-- this pick will likely be swapped.

The Nets had to give up their second round pick to the Hawks, the last payment in the Johnson deal. This was a late add to the deal, required by the NBA to satisfy some CBA requirement.

2018 - The Nets traded their first round pick, unprotected, to the Celtics as part of the Pierce - KG deal, the last payment of that deal. It's been suggested one first rounder was for Pierce, one was Garnett and one was payment for taking on Gerald Wallace's $30 million deal.  If so, then Wallace cost the Nets first round picks coming and going. (The swap? Could it have been in return to Boston agreeing to pay Keith Bogans $5.2 million to make the deal work under the CBA?)

The 76ers have option to swap Cavaliers second round pick, which they control, with Nets. It was part of the deal that sent Andrei Kirilenko and Jorge Gutierrez to Philly for Brandon Davies.  The Nets did get two trade exceptions in that deal:  $3,326,235 for Kirilenko and  $816,482 for Gutierrez. As much s $100,000 can be added to TE's in trades.

2019 - The Nets control their own first round pick.  A 19-year-old taken in the 2019 Draft is currently 15 years old.

The Nets also control their second round pick.  It doesn't end there, however.

2020 - The Nets control their own first round pick.

The Nets traded their second round pick to the 76ers in the Kirilenko - Gutierrez package.  That trade was essentially a trade of a pick and a swap of picks for two trade exceptions.

For a more detailed look at how some of these deals went down, plus a review of past Draft Night events, here's an advance look at our perennial, Wonders and Blunders of Draft Night