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Lots of questions for Billy King, about free agency and a former franchise player

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When Billy King talks with beat writers later Wednesday, he'll face a wide range of questions, but the key ones are likely to be about a few players, his big free agents Brook Lopez and Thaddeus Young and the player his coach said is no longer a "franchise player," just a "very good player," Deron Williams.

Tim Bontemps says the three most pressing questions for King are...

1. What happens to Brook Lopez and Thaddeus Young?

2. Can the Nets avoid the luxury tax?

3. Can the Nets get quicker and add more shooting?

He's more optimistic about Nos. 1 and 3 and pretty much dismisses Mikhail Prokhorov's comment that paying the luxury tax wouldn’t be a problem if the Nets have to do so, noting the team's recent cost-cutting (which may also have to do with the team not renewing Bobby Marks contract.)

Mike Mazzeo focuses on D-Will's future and suggests the possibility of a buyout or contract stretch is real if the Nets can't find a taken for the 30-year-old point guard's $43 million. He asks, "is this the end of the line for D-Will in Brooklyn?"

Mazzeo suggests a straight buyout might be the more likely option for the two sides.

[I]t would be unwise to dismiss any possibility at this point [but] multiple NBA sources have suggested a buyout is more plausible. That way, the two sides would be able to negotiate terms of a buyout agreement -- Williams would presumably have to leave some money on the table -- that would enable both sides to get a fresh start.

There will likely be questions about King's own future after Zach Lowe suggested there are "serious rumblings" about the GM getting an extension, although a league source told NetsDaily recently that "it has not even been discussed."

Then, there's Lionel Hollins.  The Nets are happy with their coach.  Adrian Wojnarowski told Joe and Evan  last week that most of the team is too, although it's taken some time.

"This team has really grown under Lionel Hollins.  It was a very combustible mixture a good part of the year. But you've seen how he and this group have really started to mesh and they believe in each other. I think more now than earlier in the year and you've seen the fruits of  it here in the playoffs."

Expect a lot of tweets starting shortly after 11 a.m.