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Top 5 Brooklyn Nets stories of the week

These are the top 5 Brooklyn Nets stories of the week.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

1. Let the NBA Draft workouts begin! The Brooklyn Nets are holding three days of workouts. Here's who they're working out.

2. Is Mason Plumlee on the trading block? Reports are that, yes, he is.

3. Stadium Journey reviewed all 30 NBA arenas. The Barclays Center finished in the middle of the pack -- the "biggest" knock was the fans; they used Lenn Robbins' ridiculous tweet as ammo. Also, "Bigscott" has some advice in the comments: "Bring a flashlight."

4. The Lil' B curse will not extend to the Brooklyn Nets, thankfully. (Or so it seems). Best be on the side of the based god.

5. Rumor has it, rumors is just rumors. Most of the time these things turn into nothing by click bait.