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Stein: Teams approach Nets about Mason Plumlee

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Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

Following up his and Mike Mazzeo's "summer scoop" of Tuesday, Marc Stein tweeted early Wednesday that teams have approached the Nets about back-up center Mason Plumlee.

In the "summer scoop," a look at the Nets off-season, Stein and Mazzeo wrote that calls were "flooding" into the Nets front office last season when Plumlee was playing well.  Indeed, in December and January, during a 25-game stretch, Plumlee averaged 15.2 points and 8.6 rebounds.  Then, as Brook Lopez returned to health --and Plumlee started having problems on offense, Lionel Hollins decided to ride Lopez.  Repeated attempts to pair the two never worked out.

It's unavoidably tantalizing to think about what the Nets might have gotten for Plumlee, had they actively shopped him before he fell out of favor -- bearing in mind the two future first-round picks Denver extracted from Cleveland for Timofey Mozgov.

The question is what could the Nets get for him this off-season. Six months ago, the Kings were reportedly willing to give up Darren Collison (who later sustained a season-ending injury), Derrick Williams, Jason Thompson and perhaps Nik Stauskas for Deron Willams and Plumlee, but the Nets balked including the 25-year-old.  It's doubtful that deal is still on the table, following disppointing seasons by D-Will and Plumlee, Collison's injury and surgery for a core muscle injury and Stauskas' improvement during the season.

Plumlee tweeted Tuesday night that he's on his way to Vietnam.