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Brook & Robin Lopez set to host "NBA Slam Funk!" on Disney XD

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Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Disney's XD channel and the NBA are teaming up to make three special episodes featuring the funniest moments by top NBA players on and off the court.

Disney ... NBA ... Who better to represent than the Lopez brothers?

Brothers Robin and Brook Lopez will team up with Disney stars Cameron Boyce and Jacob Bertrand in hosting the three-day special episodes "NBA Slam Funk!" from June 1 to June 3, which will be a "prank themed" feature that coincide with Disney's "Lab Rats," "Kirby Buckets," and "Mighty Med".

"As the drama of the NBA Playoffs heightens, we're excited to work with our great partners at the NBA to show Disney XD's kid and family audience the playful and funny side of some of their favorite NBA players," said Paul DeBenedittis, Senior Vice President, Disney Channels Worldwide. "Robin, Brook, Cameron and Jacob delivered an extra dose of comedy and originality to the specials that we know our audience will love."

The Lopez brothers certainly made their great sense of humor known around the league after plenty of silly antics. Most notably, Robin of the Portland Trail Blazers, would beat up mascots of opposing teams. It turned into a hysterical trend, so much that even Brook got involved.

This was a case of Robin and the Cavaliers mascot,"Moondog," exchanging some words over twitter. Brook Lopez was on the other side of the fence in this fight.

"It was a little tough to swallow," Robin said. "I'm sure it wasn't as bitter as the popcorn, but it was bitter." The Lopez humor continued later in the season when the two teams played a makeup game that was scheduled for January, but was postponed to early April. The mascot feud continued.

"Just trying to protect our guys even though they're not here - the BrooklyKnight and Sly and Mini Sly! Yeah, I miss those guys," Brook said after defeating his brother and protecting his former mascots. "I wouldn't mind having them back around. I had to protect my guys. You know this is our home court."

Before the game, Robin told reporters the BrooklyKnight "Saw what was coming" and that he would "see [Robin] in his nightmares."

Th night epitomized how the Lopez brothers operate. Even postgame, Brook told reporters how Robin made him pay for their McDonalds at 2 o'clock in the morning. It turned out to be another hysterical moment between the Lopez brothers, namely Brook who was having the postgame interview of his life after scoring 32 points and nine rebounds against his twin.

Although, Dr. Jeremy Bettle, Brooklyn Nets Strength and Condition coach wasn't too thrilled.

You can go on for days why the Lopez bros are perfect for something like this. I mean, Brook Lopez is gonna live at Disney World that's how much he loves all that stuff! Or even his vouch to land a Wookie role in the new Star Wars movie.

Unlike a 7-footer in a roller coaster seat, there's no better fit to represent the NBA on Disney than the Lopez brothers.