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Nets Assistant GM Bobby Marks parts ways with team after 20 years

Brooklyn Nets GM Bobby Marks has decided to part ways with the team after 20 years, he has announced via Twitter. Marks, who started with the team as a PR intern back in 1995, will now pursue other opportunities around the league.

Here is the letter Marks posted on Twitter, where he thanked many people, including the fans, Jason Kidd and, of course, the team's current GM, Billy King.

bobby marks

According to Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski, this was part of a cost-cutting plan that ownership is enacting this summer.

As Woj notes, however, Marks is well-respected around the league and should receive interest from many teams this summer. Up next for the Nets? It's not known whether they will look to fill Marks' position ... or how.

Nets insiders have said the cost-cutting has been going on for months and as several have noted, every basketball move the Nets made this year reduced salary.  After the Nets paid an astronomical $90 million in luxury tax last July, they will have to pay another $20.5 million this year, on top of $84 million in salary.

Frank Zanin, who worked with King in Philadelphia, was elevated to assistant GM two years ago after serving first as a scout, then director of player procurement.  Some in the NBA have suggested for a team with no cap space and no draft picks of note, having two assistant GM's was a luxury.

On a personal note, Marks was a friend of NetsDaily, often correcting salary cap and luxury tax (mis)calculations we'd make and being a friendly face in the front office. We thank him for all that help.  We're sure he will land on his feet and wish him well.