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For T.J. Kidd, the Riley Curry "controversy" really isn't

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Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

T.J. Kidd has said he doesn't remember the way Celtic fans --and at least one Boston writer-- treated his mother and him during the 2002 NBA conference finals, when they sat together alone in TD Garden and were berated.  When the Nets won that game and tied the series, his father lost his stoic demeanor and let Boston know.

Kidd, now 16, does remember other days and night when he, like Riley Curry, sat on his dad's lap while J-Kidd answered the media's questions. it wasn't a big deal, as it's become with Riley, and he thinks it shouldn't be. It's about family, he argues.  As he wrote on Instagram, he thinks back fondly on those memories.

Steve Politi of the Star-Ledger writes about it all Saturday. He was there.