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Not just Tim Walsh! Beckett and Oliviera named assistant trainers of the year

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Lloyd Beckett, Ale Oliviera and Tim Walsh
Lloyd Beckett, Ale Oliviera and Tim Walsh
Brooklyn Nets

The Nets post-season awards have been few and far between. Bojan Bogdanovic made the All-Rookie Team and Tim Walsh has been named Trainer of the Year.  Now comes word that the  NBA Trainers Association have named Walsh's two assistants, Lloyd Beckett and Ale Oliviera, the NBA's assistant trainers of the year.

The award is for the body of work (pun intended), but the events of last February 1 played a large role in their recognition.  That afternoon,Walsh, along with Beckett, Oliveira and team massage therapist John Rink, resuscitated assistant coach Jim Sann, 46, after he suffered a heart attack and collapsed at the Nets practice facility in East Rutherford, NJ. He had no pulse when the training staff reached Sann.

It was the second time in two weeks that quick thinking --and action-- by the Nets training and medical staff had literally saved someone's life.

Walsh, working closely with team physician Dr. Michael Farber, insisted that Mirza Teletovic return to the hospital in Los Angeles for an additional CT scan on the night of January 19. He left the game at Staples Center complaining of shortness of breath. The scan found blood clots on both of Teletovic's lungs.

The Nets added some new details of what happened that night in their story on the staff's honor. After Teletovic had  left the game with the Clippers, a routine exam found no irregularities. But when Teletovic had trouble breathing on the walk from the hospital back to the team hotel, Walsh and Farber weren't taking any chances. Back to the hospital for the new CT scan.  If he had boarded the Nets charter, a tragedy could have occurred.

"There is no greater honor than to be recognized by your peers, so I take a great deal of pride in this award,'' Walsh told the Nets website. "But ever more importantly, my two assistants, Lloyd and Ale, were also recognized for their contributions during the season.

"We had some very challenging situations this past year, and I am very proud that the work of my staff was duly noted by our fellow athletic trainers.''

The three also were also honored with LifeSaver awards by the American Heart Association recently.