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Nets don't pick up Bobby Marks' option

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Brooklyn Nets

The Nets have let an option date slip on assistant GM Bobby Marks' contract, meaning he may not return to the only employer he's ever known. Marks, who's best known as the Nets' capologist, has worked for the Nets since starting as public relations intern 20 years ago while a student at Marist College.

Mike Mazzeo first reported the news Friday night.

A source familiar with Marks' thinking noted that the Nets didn't actually decline Marks' option, but rather the deadline passed for them to pick it up.  Marks is expected to pursue other options but has yet to close the door on the Nets. Marks has been interviewed for both GM and assistant GM jobs in the past.  The same is true of other contract personnel in the front office, said one league source.

Marks has served as one of two assistant GM's under Billy King, the other Frank Zanin, who worked with King in Philadelphia before joining the Nets when King took the GM job.  His brother is one of the Nets regional scouts.

Marks was the Nets No. 2 under Rod Thorn before Mikhail Prokhorov bought the Nets. He has a reputation as one of the NBA's top capologists.  As an assistant GM, Marks also investigated trades with counterparts on other teams.