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Lionel Hollins, finding his suits "a little bit tight," works with Rachel Ray

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Lionel Hollins is 6'3" tall, and weighs --at the moment-- 240 pounds. He says "my suits fit a little bit tight" and that he isn't in playing shape. So, being a big fan of Rachel Ray (really), the 61-year-old Nets coach agreed during Friday's program to accept a diet challenge from Ray and Dr. Ian Smith. He wants to get down to 220 within six weeks. That should be easy. He'll be sweating a lot of free agent decisions in early July.

Hollins, who's currently in Chicago for the NBA Draft Combine, says once the season is over, he's all about Rachel.

"I’m a big fan," Hollins told Ray. "When the season is over, I lay in bed and I watch Rachael Ray."