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Report: Nets likely to lose John Welch to Kings

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

John Welch, who spent the last two years with the Nets after a long career with the Nuggets, will likely leave Brooklyn for Sacramento, where he'd join his old boss, George Karl, the Kings new head coach, according to  But according to a league source, Welch hasn't yet made a decision.

Scott Howard-Cooper of tweeted it out earlier Thursday...

"He has not made a decision," the source told NetsDaily, implying that Welch has indeed been offered the job.

If it happens, it won't be much of a surprise. Welch had been George Karl's righthand man in Denver for the better part of a decade leaving after Karl's departure to join Jason Kidd. He stayed on Brooklyn after Lionel Hollins replaced Kidd. He was seen as the Nets offensive coach.. In a profile in 2012, Benjamin Hochman of the Denver Post described Welch as "the Nuggets' secret weapon, a workout wizard, an eternal gym rat, George Karl's consigliere."

Welch is well-regarded on the Nets as well for his player development skills.

Welch would be the first assistant coaching change on Hollins' staff. When Kidd departed a year ago, he took three assistant coaches and an assistant athletic trainer with him.  Only Welch and Jim Sann stayed behind with Hollins, who brought in four of his own assistants, led by Paul Westphal and Tony Brown.