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David Aldridge: No stretch for Deron Williams

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Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

While Chad Ford and Kevin Pelton are lamenting the Nets draft situation, David Aldridge is taking a look at the Nets overall roster and while he is kinder than Ford, he says the Nets are "stuck" and says one possible out, stretching Deron Williams' contract, is not happening.

"A buyout of Williams, while potentially saving the Nets millions of dollars via the "stretch" provision, is not in the cards. The Nets are not interested in giving Williams $43 million to not plays," writes Aldridge in his weekly column. As for his backcourt mate, the NBA reporter  "The intriguing question is whether the Nets can deal Joe Johnson and his expiring contract, at $24.8 million next season. For one year, even at that price, Johnson would have suitors."

A league source tells NetsDaily that the Nets are also not interested in a straight buyout, that is, a buyout that would give D-Will a percentage of his salary over the last two years rather than stretch the full amount over five years.

Aldridge writes about the Nets overall situation this way...

The Nets look stuck. They finally got going just enough late in the regular season to get into the playoffs, and while they gave the Hawks some trouble, they were blown off their home floor with their season on the line in Game 6. Lopez helped his market price with a strong finish, and GM Billy King said he and Young, who holds a player option next season at $9.7 million, were priorities to retain. He did not mention Williams.

The Nets, in fact, clearly have few options if they want to avoid the repeater tax and a huge salary plus tax bill. Retaining basically the same core, adding a draft pick and a player at the mini-MLE could lead to another near $100 million payroll and a total payroll and tax bill of nearly $225 million.  That's not going to happen.