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Chad Ford slams Billy King, says Nets should "pick a new GM"

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In his early analysis of who the Nets are likely to take in the first round -- after swapping with the Hawks today, they have No. 29 -- Chad Ford says Brooklyn's best plan of action would be change general managers.

"I'd pick a new general manager. It's been Billy King's short-sighted, disastrous draft pick management that has them in such a difficult predicament going forward," wrote Ford, who enumerated the Nets draft situation, then noted, "There's no team in a poorer draft pick position going forward than the Nets."

Ford and Kevin Pelton did have some ideas for the Nets, but Ford thinks the draft swap -- the next-to-last debt the Nets owe Atlanta for Joe Johnson -- is devastating for Brooklyn.

"The difference between drafting No. 15 and No. 29 can't be overstated," Ford argued. "There are several strong wing prospects like Kelly Oubre, Stanley Johnson, Sam Dekker and R.J. Hunter who will be available in the No. 15 range. At No. 29? No one really stands out. Virginia's Justin Anderson and Arizona's Rondae Hollis-Jefferson might be available, but I doubt it."

Ford notes again that he'd take Terry Rozier of Louisville, an undersized point guard, at No. 29. He adds that the 2015 Draft thins out quite a bit after the lottery.  Pelton thinks the roster will undergo such an overhaul between now and 2016 that the Nets shouldn't be thinking about drafting for position that low.

"I might just go best player available. One player who would fit both criteria for me is Florida's Michael Frazier II. I don't think it's crazy to take him in the first round," said Pelton of the 6'4" shooting guard who most draftniks have going in the second round.