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Thaddeus and Shekinah Young drop some gear on Nets fans

Thaddeus Young

Shekinah Young is becoming a Nets fan favorite. Her husband Thaddeus credits her with taking care of the move from Minnesota to Brooklyn in February, letting him focus on basketball while she focused on moving vans, etc. The woman is a whirlwind, as we're about to prove.

She's outspoken on Twitter and Instagram, engaging fans and announcing at season's end, "We love Brooklyn," after a fan begged her and husband to stay.

But she has outdone herself now. A week or so ago, she went on Twitter to ask fans who wanted signed gear from Thaddeus! It was part of "spring cleaning," she tweeted.  And she delivered, 110 items, mailed to fans!  Should we be surprised? Not really. She knows the value of fans ... and once ran an online store!

Here's the response from some of those who received the goods...

As Kat Przybyla of the Nets social media department noted, "this is so great.  Class acts over here."

@Mrs__Young33 and @yungsmoove21 were high school sweethearts in Memphis, meeting at a football game when 17. They have two sons, who are often seen in Nets gear.  Great to have her on board.