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In latest barb, Pierce "laughs" at Nets loss of picks

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Before he called "game" Saturday, Paul Pierce talked to the Boston Herald about his rebirth in Washington and took yet another shot at the Nets. He forgives Danny Ainge for dumping him but "laughs" at what the Nets gave up for him, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry, according to the Herald's Steve Bulpett.

"Obviously I wish I could have just finished up in Boston, but who knows if I’d even be playing still?" Pierce said. "If I’d stayed in Boston, that next year (2013-14) could have been my last, the end of that last contract. You know I wanted to finish my career there, but I understand in this day and time how much of a business it is. It was definitely a tough year for me down there in Brooklyn.

"I definitely can understand what Danny did from a business aspect. They’re transitioning into a new generation, a new era, and they’re trying to build for the future."

Pierce laughs at the picks the Nets surrendered (three first-rounders and a Celts’ right to swap opening round places in 2017). Less than two years later, Garnett and Terry had been traded and Pierce had left as a free agent.

"I’m not even thinking about their situation," said the 10-time All-Star. "I put all that behind me now. It’s all about where I am now. They’ve got to deal with that."

The Nets might argue that the Nets got value for KG (Thaddeus Young) and Terry (Jarrett Jack and Sergey Karasev via Marcus Thornton), but Pierce's comments about his former team --including his comments about Deron Williams and their collective lack of heart-- aren't helping the perception of the organization.