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Could Sergey Karasev play in Eurobasket this summer?

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Russian sports media took particular note this week of Sergei Karasev's vacation plans, noting that Karasev and his new wife are vacationing in Puerto Rico. It's as if they're asking, "hey, isn't this guy supposed to be rehabbing?" Seems odd ... except when you know the background.

Sergey Karasev tore his MCL and dislocated his kneecap in March and underwent knee surgery.  At the time, the Nets medical director Dr. Riley J. Williams III said "A full recovery is anticipated, and he is expected to be ready for training camp next season." But Dr. Williams said nothing about FIBA Eurobasket, the European championships. Training begins in late August in Russia, the tournament on September 5 in France.

The Russian national team coach thinks Karasev should be ready and has called for the Nets 21-year-old swingman to join the squad in time for Eurobasket.  On April 9, talking about Karasev and the Knicks' Alexey Shved, who's also injured, Evgeny Pashutin told a Russian sports site...

"Sergei should have time to recover and play for the national team for Eurobasket. Generally, the process of recovery depends on many things, but we count on [Karasev and Shved] as leaders of the national team for the upcoming tournament."

Two weeks later, Karasev's Russian agent, Stanislav Ryzhov, spoke to the same site and was non-committal.

"I understand that the coach of Russia want to assemble the strongest team in the Eurobasket waiting Karasev ... Health is health, it can not be fooled. As long as we refrain from making any predictions, it's too early, thank God, before the start of preparations for Eurobasket still a lot of time."

Is it possible? Karasev told Stefan Bondy that he's targeting August for his return to contact basketball, although he hasn't started running yet. The Nets' doctors are happy with his progress, he added. Karasev said August is the target for his return to contact basketball. Bondy added that Karasev hopes to travel with the Nets to their summer league games in Orlando and Las Vegas. The Vegas tournament ends on July 20.

Two days ago, Mirza Teletovic said he's healthy enough to compete, but wants to see what his free agent situation looks like.  Bojan Bogdanovic is expected to lead Croatia, which is one of the leading contenders for the Euro title.