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No Nets-Hawks for Comcast subscribers

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

A spokesman for the YES Network tells NetsDaily that they haven't been able to find a replacement channel on Comcast for Wednesday's game, so subscribers to that cable service will NOT be able to view the game. Comcast is the largest cable service provider in the US.

The Nets - Hawks game is one of the most crucial of the season ... and could be a preview of the first round of the playoffs if the Nets finish in eighth. Asked if there was any hope that a channel could be found before game time, the spokesman responded, "Unfortunately no."

There's a conflict between the Nets and Yankees games this Wednesday night as well as the night of April 15.  The Yankees always win those conflicts. As in the past, YES has found other channels that would take the game with the big exception of Comcast, which supplies cable service to large swaths of New Jersey and suburban New York.

YES announced last week the replacement channels --called YES affiliates-- for both the Hawks game and the Nets-Magic game, the season finale, which could also have playoff implications. There was no replacement channel listed for Comcast subscribers.