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Zach Lowe: How money could affect Mirza Teletovic free agency

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Zach Lowe breaks down, in detail, what each of the mid-level free agents might get this summer.  He discusses at great length Mirza Teletovic's restrict free agency ... and offers what he's been told about what Brook Lopez might do, now that he's "rampaging across the league over the last month."

Bottom line for Lowe is whether the Nets can afford Teletovic, who they can sign to a qualifying offer of $4.3 million.

The market for Teletovic is tough to pin down. The blood clot adds a health variable, and Brooklyn could be in tax trouble should both Brook Lopez and Thaddeus Young opt into their contracts for next season. That could make Brooklyn reluctant to hand out the $4.2 million qualifying offer required to keep matching rights on Teletovic. Young and Teletovic also have somewhat overlapping skill sets, though Young is not on Teletovic’s level as a shooter and the Nets could play them together in funky, position-less lineups.

The Nets are in a bit of a quandary. They want to get under the luxury tax threshold for both business and basketball reasons. They want to avoid the repeater tax that adds a dollar in extra taxes for every dollar paid out, on top of the luxury tax. They'd also like to have all the basketball benefits of being under the threshold: the full mid-level exception: the biannual exception and the right to accept players through sign-and-trade deals.

As for Lopez, he can either opt out of his $16.7 million contract and become a free agent or play another year on his current contract and become part of the 2016 free agent madness, fueled by the influx of national TV rights money. Lowe quotes GM's other than Billy King.

Most execs expect Lopez to opt out and enter free agency after rampaging across the league over the last month. Random thing: Watch the Spurs on Teletovic.

Last week, Adrian Wojnarowski told Joe and Evan that he doesn't believe Lopez and his team have made a decision on what to do. Lowe also talks about Jarrett Jack's tough year, but notes some of his "quirky" tricks he finds fun to watch.