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Brook & Robin Lopez's crazy night out... at McDonalds!

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Brook Lopez and the Brooklyn Nets won their fifth straight game at home and helped their playoff chances with a 106-96 victory over the Portland Trail Blazers. Before the game, Robin Lopez, Brook's brother jokingly said, "It's amazing how far you can go with a crappy center."

Lopez then scored 32 points and grabbed nine rebounds in the highly anticipated matchup against his brother, Robin. "I don't know," Brook told reporters why he and his brother don't acknowledge one another on the court. "I can't explain it. It's been unsaid this whole time. We never talked about it. We don't talk much."

What does he mean by saying they ‘don't talk much?'

"We have a FaceBook chat with our guys from high school and Stanford, so we talk to other people on the chat but we don't really refer to each other much. But we talk on that chat everyday, kind of, I guess."

Brook was then asked if Robin offered him congratulations for the consecutive Player of the Week awards. "No absolutely not. I haven't talked to him since last night when we went to McDonald's. "

McDonalds? That's what they do when Robin comes to New York City... They go to McDonalds?!

Well, they must've been hungry.  So hungry in fact that they went out in the middle of the night and went through a Mickey D's drive thru.

Still, Brook tries to stay healthy. "He (Robin) got large fries, big mac -- no pickles - always no pickles, and he always says no onions even though big macs don't have onions on them, I think," Lopez said with a smile. "I just got two filet-a-fish. Well it's the filet-a-fish, I had to do it! It's real fish!"

If it were after Monday's game, Robin respectfully should've/would've(?) paid for Brook's postgame meal. Not in this case, though.

"I did (paid) of course. He made me drive. It was at like 2:30 in the morning. As for curfew, our mom was in the house so we had to sneak out."

Well Brook, after being named Eastern Conference Player of the Week two straight times, we all hope you're treated to all the fish-a-filet or filet-a-fish in the world! Or whatever the heck you call it.

But only if Robin pays.

Not everyone thought it was funny.  Dr. Jeremy Bettle, the Nets curmudgeonly strength and conditioning coach, tweeted this Tuesday morning...

And what were you doing up at nearly 1 a.m., Doctor Bettle? A late night snack of protein shake and wheat germ, perhaps?  We think not.!


On the mascots:

Brook loves comic book heroes and NBA mascots. Robin does not.

Robin Lopez is known for his antics with opposing teams' mascots. He's a bully. Plain and simple. He teases them, laughs at them, and even beats them up. He doesn't even like that his brother once posed with Moondog, the Cleveland Cavaliers mascot.

But Brook seems to want the Nets' mascot(s) back, especially after Robin talked some smack about Brook's old friend the BrooklyKnight:

"I think he saw what was coming. I'm sure he saw me in his nightmares," Robin said pregame.

Apparently, Brook used Robin's words for motivation on the court. After all, this is Brooklyn and you back your people up. (Mascots are people too, aren't they?)

"Well, you know it might have been a fluke, but I was just out there trying to play basketball and when I saw him go for that dunk, I knew I had to hack him a little bit. Just trying to protect our guys even though they're not here - the BrooklyKnight and Sly and Mini Sly! Yeah, I miss those guys. I wouldn't mind having them back around. I had to protect my guys. You know this is our home court."

Brook had a "DEFEND BROOKLYN" hat in his locker when one reporter asked if the BrooklyKnight got it for him.

"I'm gonna say yeah. He did. I'm there for him, Sly, and Mini Sly as well. I miss those guys. I think they should still be around."

First he wanted to be a Wookie. Now he wants all three mascots back. The ones he refers to as "my guys". You hear that Billy King? He wants his guys back! Bring them back home and maybe he'll opt back in.

That's just Brook bein' Brook.