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Deron Williams shows leadership in Autism awareness

For the sixth year, New York's most iconic landmark, the Empire State Building, is participating in Autism Speaks' Light It Up Blue campaign. And this year, it was Deron and Amy Williams, assisted by their adopted, Brooklyn-born son, D.J.. who pulled the lever that turned the tower blue.

D-WIll works as a Autism Speaks ambassador working with the group's founders, Bob and Suzanne Wright. His foundation, Point of Hope, has fundraising events throughout the year to benefit autism, including his annual Dodgeball tournament.

Williams says, "As athletes, we have the ability to affect people," he says. "I'd say for people who support us night-in, night-out on the basketball court, it's our way of giving back how we can." Deron has become devoted in spreading awareness for autism, while basketball has now become just a job. Williams says, "The raising awareness is the most important to me.”