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All 29 of Thaddeus Young's points ... including those last four

If you watch a lot of Thaddeus Young, you get an understanding of how he's about a "sense of where you are," to borrow John McPhee's famous phrase about basketball and what makes players great. Athleticism and skillsets aside, Young gets where he is and what to do.

Indeed, as he told beat writers Friday night, his two late putbacks were about knowing where he was and and where his defender, Patrick Patterson, was not.

"(Patterson) just turned his back and just ran in, to try to stop Brook from getting the rebound, and I just slid into the side a little bit, and just dropped it in," Young said.

"I think he did that a couple of plays, actually. And I got like two offensive rebounds from it, just him running to the basket, hurry up and get the rebound, hurry up and get the outlet, and then at the last second he turns around and I’m there. So it’s one of them things where I just snuck up on him, surprised him a little bit."

"He kept turning his back on me and just running to the basket for the rebound, so I was like, ‘all right, okay.'"

Here's all 29 of his points from the Raptors game, edited by Down To Buck, a YouTube site that offers highlight packages everyday.