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The Streakers - How the new "Big Four" are driving the Nets playoff push

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With big numbers and big games, the Nets Big Four of Brook Lopez, Deron Williams, Joe Johnson and Thaddeus Young are driving the Nets post-season push, taking the team from 11th to sole possession of seventh place in the East with seven games to go.  Here's a summary of what each has done during the Nets six-game winning streak.

Brook Lopez - 6 games, 39.2 minutes - 156 points - 26.0 ppg. Overall, he's shooting 69-of-120 for  57.5 percent to go with 10.8 rebounds ... four offensive including 10 vs. Toronoto. From the line, Lopez has shot 18-of-22 for 81.8 percent, with perfect shooting in five of the six games. He's also become a prolific shot blocker, averaging 2.5 per game. Lopez has had a game winner vs. the Knicks and has had three games of 30 or more points and 10 or more rebounds. Had the game winner vs. New York.

Deron Williams - 6 games, 31.5 minutes - 96 points - 16.0 ppg. Overall, he's shooting 35-of-73 for 47.9 percent but  56.5 percent  from deep. He's been nearly perfect at the line at 13-of-14 for 92.8 percent, with perfect shooting in four of the six games. He's also distributing at a career rate of 9.0 assists and is averaging 1.2 steals as well. In the last two games, he's looked like the dominant D-Will, the numbers, playing 36.5 minutes, averaging 28.5 points shooting 56.4 percent overall, 64.3 percent from three, all while handing out nine assists per.

Thaddeus Young - 4 games, 33.2 minutes - 60 points - 15.0 ppg. After his phenomenal 12-of-15 shooting vs. Toronto, he's 26-of-47 for  55.3 percent. He's also pulling down 6.5 rebounds. He hasn't been shooting at the same level as his teammates, hitting only, 8-of-14, from the line for 57.1 percent and he hasn't hit a three-pointer during the streak.  But he's showing those quick hands, with four steals Friday night and 1.2 over the four games he's played. Had the game winner against Toronto.

Joe Johnson - 6 games, 36.5 minutes - 87 points - 14.5 ppg,  Despite battling tendinitis, he's been consistent, hitting 30-of-71 shots for  42.2 percent and. 13-of-31 from deep for  41.9 percent from three. Like Lopez and Williams, Johnson has been near perfect from the line, 13 of 15 for 86.6 percent. What's not been noticed is that he's also averaging 5.8 assists and 5.8 rebounds -- and had four straight games where he put away at least three three-pointers. Nailed the dagger vs. Indiana.

Others have contributed as well, specifically Alan Anderson, who's averaged 10.8 points during the streak before going down vs. Toronto. Anderson has hit 56.5 percent of his shots, including 40 percent of his three's, in the six games. He's been the only consistent bench player during the streak.  Markel Brown has given the team athleticism, defense and big minutes as well. We'll talk about Jarrett Jack and Mason Plumlee another day ... hopefully..