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Mikhail Prokhorov partying like he's 50 ... because he is

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The Nets could be playing Game 7 of the first round Sunday ... or if the fates agree, getting ready for Game 1 of the second round.

But the boss, Mikhail Prokhorov reportedly won't be in Atlanta or Washington. He'll be in Turkey celebrating his 50th birthday, says Page Six.  And oh, what a party it will be.  Page Six reports...

Sources tell Page Six the Russian billionaire will throw a three-day bash at a new house he’s built in Turkey, where guests will include an endless supply of models.

"They are being paid," said a source. "Some have been offered $20,000 to attend a three-day party."

Guests will meet in Moscow and then fly privately to Milas–Bodrum Airport.

A spokesperson declined comment

Well, that sounds like more fun than second guessing Lionel Hollins rotations or dealing with questions from Bontemps, Bondy, Boone, Vasquez, Raskin, Keh and Mazzeo.

We have not been invited. So we won't be providing our usual comprehensive coverage although we have many volunteers on staff.  And on a personal note, we wish the kid a happy 50th.