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Video: A breakdown of Deron Williams' Game 4 performance

Deron Williams was fantastic on Monday night, scoring 35 points and leading the Nets to a Game 4 victory over the Atlanta Hawks, tying the best-of-seven series at 2-2. It was arguably his best performance as a member of the Brooklyn Nets, easily his most meaningful, given the stage.

Coming off of two straight games in which Williams scored a total of four points, this was the resurrection-type game that he needed. And certainly the one that the Nets needed in order to stay alive in this series.

Williams was certainly aggressive, and mindful of the stage and how important this game was for him as an individual. But, really, how did he do it? Well, enter our good friend Coach Nick of BBALLBREAKDOWN who was able to break it all down for us.

Nick talks about the aggressiveness, the ball movement and Williams' clutch shot making. It was a beautiful performance, one that reminded Coach Nick of the Deron Williams of old. You know, "from the Utah days."

Nick;s not the only one. Mike Prada of SB Nation, Zach Lowe of Grantland, Leo Sepkowitz of SLAM and Matt Moore of CBS Sports analyzed what's going on in Brooklyn.