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Let the roof bloom ... or something like that

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The greening of the Barclays Center roof is taking time --and it's already taken one life, that of a construction worker back in February-- but the arena management and architects say that when it's finished, it will be yet another showcase for the venue.

Three acres of sedum, the flowering plant that that now covers the Barclays Center subway station, will be installed starting this week.  The Wall Street Journal reports that there will be "months when the entire roof will be abloom with yellow, pink and red flowers—representing several varieties of Sedum."

It will not be visible from the street, but will be from the towers already in place around the arena at Atlantic and Flatbush and those Bruce Ratner's Forest City Ratner and Chinese partner, Greenland Holdings, are starting to build on the arena's periphery and nearby.  It will also provide a sound-softening cushion for nearby residents who've complained that concerts that produce a lot of bass can be heard blocks away.

"We wanted a low-maintenance, weather-resistant system that would flourish," said Chris Sharples, a partner with SHoP, the architectural firm that designed the arena.

One issue, however, is that the sedum installation will require yet another crane, this one on Flatbush Avenue. That's likely to add to traffic jams and delays.