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Hawks to focus on Joe Johnson and Brook Lopez in Game 4

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Following a 91-83 Nets victory in Game 3, led by Brook Lopez and Joe Johnson's play—among others—the Atlanta Hawks are taking notice. The Nets offense was humming for a majority of the game and Lopez couldn't be contained down low. The Hawks vow to turn it up on the defensive end.

Paul Millsap spoke Sunday to Marc Berman of The New York Post about the Nets game plan and who Brooklyn is trying to get involved.

"We know what they are trying to run, who they are trying to get the ball to,’’ Millsap said. "It’s just us trying to stop them and their two players in particular — Brook Lopez and Joe Johnson. They like to post the ball up. It’s just us trying to stop them."

Brooklyn has been force feeding the duo often through the first three games of the series, inviting double teams and working the ball around the floor and finding open teammates on the opposite side of the floor. The Nets are going to need Johnson and Lopez to continue their fantastic play and be the catalyst to the Nets offensive attack. Berman did note that the Hawks did not mention the struggling, and injured Deron Williams when talking about the Hawks defensive strategy.