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Thaddeus Young: The Nets "a perfect situation"

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

In an interview with Moke Hamilton of SNY, Thaddeus Young describes his feelings when he learned he had been traded from the rebuilding Timberwolves to the Nets.

"I was very, very happy," Young told Hamilton. "[I] went from a team that was rebuilding and restructuring and not going to the playoffs to one that could potentially make the playoffs, so I thought that was a perfect situation."

Saturday, it sure looked that way.  After two mediocre performances --for which he apologized-- Young broke out in Game 3, scoring 18 points, grabbing 11 rebounds, handing out three assists, and helping hold Kyle Korver to two points. He was one of three Nets with a double-double in the 91-83 win.

"It definitely helps me as a player," Young said of his talented teamates. "I have always been a player who says as many threats as I have on the court, it makes me a better player because I use those threats to my advantage."

He also likes the fanbase's embrace.

"As far as the fans and the support, I think they have already seen me and knew what I could bring to the team. It was just a matter of me getting here and getting acclimated with a new system."

Young, like Brook Lopez, has a player option next season, but increasingly, it looks like he'll opt in. In the meantime,, if the Nets are going anywhere in the playoffs, it's going to take big games from Young, who as Hamilton notes, carried the team on on his back Saturday.