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Congratulations to Sergey Karasev who got the air!


Congratulations to Sergey Karasev and his now bride Evelina Saveleva, who were wed on Valentine's Day of this year in Las Vegas, according to a Russian newspaper Prosport.

From the translation (sic):

Sergey Karasev, club player of the National Basketball League "Brooklyn Nets" and the Russian national team, announced the change of marital status, reports PROSPORT. Wedding 21-year-old basketball player and his girlfriend Evelyn took place February 14 - Valentine's Day - in Las Vegas (USA), but to announce this couple decided to just now.

The kicker was, the wedding took place in a helicopter in Las Vegas, meaning, as the newspaper reports, they were wed "in the air."

Karasev has been out of the lineup since mid-March with a knee injury, and after having had surgery on his knee he isn't expected to return until next season.

Again, we at NetsDaily extend a warm congratulations to Sergey and Evelina on their nuptials, albeit a belated congratulations.