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Oh Nets fans, you sexy things!

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The Grade describes itself as "a New-York based, female-friendly dating application that holds users accountable for their behavior."  In its latest survey, it "analyzed the swiping behavior of users who like New York sports teams in order to determine which teams have the most desirable, single fans. Each team's like-rate is based on 400,000 swipe interactions from 6,000 users who have listed one of the sports teams as an interest."

Sounds serious, real analytical.

That said, The Grade ranks single Nets fans as the fifth (out of 11) most "desirable" or as their headline says, "hottest" with a 45 percent "like" rating. Single male fans of the Rangers, Jets, Red Bulls and Yankees are the only fans ahead of them and Giants fans are tied with the Nets. The Knicks?  They only get a 40 percent "like" rate. Not surprising. Anyone who hangs out near MSG on game nights is struck by the similarity of the blue-and-orange crowd and the bar scene in Star Wars. It's not a good look.

We have to assume it's "Brooklyn Cool" that attracts the ladies.  Either that or the Brooklyn Brigade's pheromones.