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Thaddeus Young apologizes for poor performance, promises better days

Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

Like Deron Williams, Thaddeus Young had a poor performance in Game vs. the Hawks. Like Deron Williams, he promised he would do better.  Unlike Deron Williams or anyone else on the team, Young apologized.

"First thing I said when I came into the locker room the other night was, 'Fellas, I'm sorry. I didn't give you guys anything tonight. I've got to be better,'" Young said Friday. "I take pride in everything I do out there on the court and I take losses hard."

Like D-Will, Young  went 1-of-7 and posted two points. He had five rebounds --half D-WIll's total--  in 23 minutes.  Bojan Bogdanovic also had a subpar game, going 3-of-9 for eight points.

Young's lack of production is explainable, said Lionel Hollins.

"They've taken away the paint and Thaddeus is a slasher," Hollins said. "If he makes a couple of shots when he gets outside, then they will have to come out and play him a little more. But that's his game and that's where they are waiting. He's had a couple of shots blocked and felt like he's gotten fouled a couple of times. But, you know, that's the game of basketball."

Hollins is hopeful his Nets, like his Grizzlies in 2013 and his Trail Blazers in 1977, can respond after going down 0-2. In both cases, the former as coach, the latter as player, Hollins team won the next four games and won the series. In 1977, that was the NBA Finals.